About Us

Bassma Resources Limited Company was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as one of the leading companies in the management and provision of support services for all sectors and institutions of the Kingdom, by providing qualified human cadres to carry out all the work required by our customers in the fields of cleaning, maintenance, transport services and warehouse operation. The secret of our success is our commitment to communicate with customers from the first moment and before starting work, and then we continue to coordinate with them and inform them of everything new and every step that is implemented. Our work and provide the necessary maintenance, improvement and development of services after the completion of their delivery

Our vision

We at Bassma Resources Co., Ltd. look forward to our steps in the support services, maintenance and operation sector being serious and advanced steps, allowing us to participate in major projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to be among the leading companies and contribute to the realization of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by providing the best services to our customers.

Our Message

Bassma Company was keen to exploit our human, technical and financial energies and our specialized competencies to provide services of high quality and efficiency on time, and in accordance with the aspirations of our customers and to pledge good achievement and excellence in performance.

Our mission and business strategy.

Our mission is to meet customers' desire to provide distinguished and trained manpower according to their various needs. Provide our staff with the necessary tools and guidance to meet customer needs and ensure workflow is as planned. Commitment to fair selection, development of the workforce in its diversity, and striving to improve its performance at all times

At Bassma, we dedicate our energies according to a well-defined strategy in order to ensure that we reach the required result. Our strategy is represented in three main points:


It represents a beginning in the pre-implementation stage, where the budget is estimated according to the client’s capabilities, the value of the service is estimated, and final delivery dates are agreed upon according to a specific timetable.


After that, the project enters into implementation with the latest available technologies, and it is completed with the help of the most qualified professional workers and under the supervision of a group of managers.


This is not all, here we begin an important and serious stage, we pledge to you to ensure continuous communication to follow up the quality of work in the facility and the completion of works related to installation and operation and the necessary tests for delivery.

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